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A New Year, A New Chapter | Chasing Infinity News
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  • Chasing Infinity
  • January 5, 2020

A New Year, A New Chapter

With a fresh new year, often comes new changes and challenges. We’re grateful to have undergone many changes in this band, each and every one of them for the better. Although change doesn’t always feel easy, it has inevitably always helped us to grow and become stronger – not just as a band, but as individuals too.

With the start of 2020, we face yet another major shift in our life as band, as we say goodbye to our talented guitarist Paul McCormick.

Those of you who’ve followed us for a long time will know that Paul has been a part of Chasing Infinity since the very beginning. It is his genuine passion for music and performing and unique playing style that has helped create the signature Chasing Infinity sound and make us the band we are today. Although our sound and style have definitely evolved over the last couple of years, it’s been a pleasure having him be a part of this journey over the last decade, and we have no doubt he will succeed in whatever he turns his hand to next.

As with all changes in life, you can choose to either mourn over what was, or jump on your proverbial surfboard and ride out those waves. Of course, it’s good to mourn a little, and important to reflect and be grateful for what’s gone by. But don’t stay there too long, or you just might miss what comes next…


So what is next?

Well, that’s just the beauty of it – we don’t exactly know yet. But we can confidently say we’re not going anywhere. We’re still making music, we’re still shaping our dream sound, and we still have tons of stories to tell. Maybe it’ll even be time to add a couple of new members to the Chasing Infinity family…who knows.

Whatever is around the corner, we’re so grateful to have you guys all with us, and are preparing ourselves for the next chapter. We cannot wait to find out what’s next for us on this musical journey.



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