Making Room new release

New Single: Making Room - Available On All Major Platforms

We're SO stoked to announce that our new single 'Making Room' is out now and available to stream on all major music platforms.

With heartstopping drums, soaring vocals and 80s rock-inspired guitars, 'Making Room' is a fresh, uplifting pop tune that describes the pain and loss of letting someone go.

We all know what it's like to make space for somebody - or something - in your life, only to have it leave you or walk away in the end. It's hard not feel dejected, cheated and even angry at times like this.

We feel like 'Making Room' aptly describes the thoughts and feelings that go with this sort of experience, whilst still bringing that beloved 80s rock sound we wanted, along with the freshness of the synths and electronic drums to keep up that energy and feeling of hope.

Although having something leave you can be hard to accept or understand, we like to think it means it wasn't meant for you anyway, and that something better is just around the corner. The fact that you had the mental fortitude and optimism to make the space for that thing in the first place...that's what really matters.

The track is accompanied by a stunning video, directed and filmed by Liverpool production team Airium Films. In it we see a romance blossom between a young boy and girl in an 80s-themed arcade, reminding us all of our glorious teen years where free time, curiosity and new relationships were at the focal point of our attention.

Fans can stream or download 'Making Room' now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Bandcamp.

Hope you enjoy!


New Single: Ahead Of You

Pop triplet Chasing Infinity kick off 2019 with their new single 'Ahead Of You', now available to listen on all major music platforms.

Incorporating 80s flavoured synth-pop with a contemporary twist, the track feels undoubtedly modern while also evoking a sense of nostalgia for days on the beach gone by.

The tune is the first from this eclectic trio, marking the beginning of their journey into Liverpool's vivacious pop scene.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Adele Halsall says: "'Ahead Of You' is a song about breaking free of former limitations; the feeling of somebody who might have previously felt held back but is now learning to stand on their own two feet.

"Like any other good pop song, these perhaps darker origins of the song are disguised with a catchy beat and uplifting melody. We hope it's one that'll get in people's heads, for sure."

The song is accompanied by a crisp, eye-catching music video, filmed by Liverpool production company Airium Films.

Stream or download 'Ahead Of You' now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

Alternatively you can listen to the track here.